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The Toteable Treadstep
2400 W Marshall
Longview, TX 75604


Phone: (903)918-2132

The Toteable Treadstep
is a manual treadmill designed to be lightweight but structurally sound to provide user an economical inexpensive device to simulate an invigorating walking, jogging, running, exercise workout with added benefit of a stair climbing step deck conversion for a heart-healthy cardio-vascular aerobic.


** The Toteable Treadstep
basic unit has a full Lifetime warranty with a full no question asked exchange of basic unit only. **
The Queen and Executive models are restricted to a user of no more than 230 lbs. and height of 6' 4".
Warranty is Void if user does not comply to these restrictions.

There is no warranty expressed or implied on any of the accessories.


Step 'n Shape
is not responsible or liable for any accidents, falls or physical damage of any kind inccurred by user utilizing The Toteable Treadstep. Restrictions of said device is limited to a user of no more than 230 lbs. and height of 6' 4" that's involved in a regular exercise regiment and in good physical health. User should be cautious operating dwevice in a unsafe area. It is suggested that The Toteable Treadstep should be placed on a non-slip service for better traction and to prevent unit movement while engaged in active operation.

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